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Personal Cacao Ceremony

Within this workshop you will be shown ways to hold your own personal Cacao Ceremony. You will be guided through how to prepare your cacao, your space and how to begin connecting with the spirit of cacao.

The workshop itself will be a Cacao Ceremony, we will create the ceremony together, then within the sacred space we create we will drink our Cacao and learn whilst enjoying all the ceremony has to offer.

What the workshop will include:

  • Interactive tutorial of how to make your cacao elixir

  • knowledge of the origins of Cacao

  • The holistic medicinal benefits of Cacao

  • How to prepare yourself, and your space for your ceremony

  • Connecting with the spirit of Cacao

  • How Cacao interacts and assists you

  • Visualisation & Sound Healing

  • Practices to use within your ceremony

Workshop Details:


In Person:

Next workshop - TBC

Time - 10am - 2pm

Where - Sinah Lane, Hayling Island

Cacao, drinks & snacks provided. All further details will be sent to you upon confirmation of booking your place.

Energy Exchange:

£34 per person

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How These Workshops facilitate Your Growth & Expansion

Within these workshops you will be held and supported whilst having fun and learning new tools and skills amongst like-minded souls.

Each workshop has been co-created to provide knowledge and wisdom that you can take with you and make your own.

As with all my sessions, I spend time preparing myself and my healing space, and I call in my own as well as your spiritual team to assist us during the workshops. It makes them sacred and magical!

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How the Workshops are Run

Workshops are arranged to hold 4 people online or in person. This ensures that each of you attending are offered the space and time you need as you learn and expand your light.

You will be provided with all the information you need prior to the date of the workshop.