1-1Personal Session

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This session intentionally dedicates time to your personal expansion & empowerment. You will be held and guided in ceremony whilst you seek your strengths, identify your imbalances and gain clarity on your path ahead. Ceremony makes time sacred and brings you into alignment with your highest potential.


Within the ceremony I offer you my entire tool kit, skill set and wisdom and we work with what will assist you the most at this time. I will hold space for you whilst you journey within to find what you are seeking, and I will assist and guide you along the way.

What Your Session will Include:

  • Discussion of what is going on for you at this time, and what you feel the Ceremony needs to focus on

  • Intuitive guidance throughout your ceremony

  • How to work with the information received and how to move forward and ensure you stay aligned

Your session may also include some or all of:


  • Channeling

  • Visualisations/Journeying

  • Activations/Light Language

  • Sound Healing

  • Sacred tools to add to your daily practice and continue your path

  • Flower essences

  • Energy clearing and realignment

  • Oracle card readings

Energy Exchange

From You:

  • Commitment to your Journey

  • £47

From Me:

  • 75 minute 1-1 Personal Session

  • Follow on support

Coming in to Gemma’s beautiful space in her studio I felt instantly relaxed and excited about what might come up for me in my ceremony. Everything is beautiful and it’s such a calming environment I felt very at ease. We chatted first a bit about what was going on for me at the moment and to have someone hold space for this is so special. Gemma then took me through a meditation using her musical instruments and it was so powerful. I’ve done meditation before but the sounds seemed to work in time with the messages I received and seemed to amplify them which was amazing.  We chatted through it together afterwards and Gemma helped me make sense of certain things and confirmed things for me. It was really emotional and I had a huge breakthrough with something in my life which I’m still working through weeks later and feeling the power of it. Gemma is truly magical and a wonderful energy you just want to be around and I’m so excited for the changes that have shifted for me so far, I can’t thank her enough and will be back for more of her support soon. She has a very special gift and am so grateful to have experienced it.

Michelle, Hayling Island

How I Can facilitate Your Personal Ceremony

My intention is to guide and assist whilst you journey through your current situation into your desired outcome.


As well as assisting you I will beholding space for you whilst you go deep within to shine light on what needs witnessing. You will feel safe and supported in your sovereign space allowing you to connect more deeply into a new level of empowerment.

Before your session begins I spend time preparing myself and my healing space, and I call in my own as well as your spiritual team to assist your session.

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How Sessions Are Carried Out

After you have filled in the booking form  we will arrange a suitable time and date for your session.

When you arrive we will spend a short time discussing your intentions and current circumstances before opening Ceremony.

1-1 Personal Sessions are held in person at my home work space, Hayling Island, Hampshire.

If you are further away we can arrange an online session for you, please email me to express your interests or fill in the booking form to arrange this.