Discover Your Power Within

If you haven't seen my latest news letter then you'll have missed that I am super excited to announce my new Mentorship offering!

This has been a divinely timed and guided offering that pulls together many threads of my personal journey so far and my work of service to offer you skills, tools and keys to discover Your Power Within.

For the past few years I have been steered onto a path of Empowerment, and it really ramped up in the past year! The reason? To discover this in its entirety, to embody it, to know it so well that I can step into this role. The role of passing this wisdom on. This is how this stuff works right? We have to go through it ourselves then when we pass the initiation we have become it, meaning we are the perfect ones to pass it on. its in our cells. It is now our Wisdom. Then we share it with others to allow them to begin the process of UNLOCKING & DEEPENING their Wisdom.

So what is Empowerment? What does this word stir within you? Are you ready to discover more?

Are you ready to see that you hold EVERYTHING you need within you? Or at least, are you ready to start exploring this and take more RESPONSIBILITY for yourself and all that happens to you? Perhaps what my wisdom holds is the KEYS you need to ACTIVATE deeper KNOWING within YOU.

EMPOWERMENT comes as you embark on this journey, or more it becomes a part of your journey, but if you bring more awareness to it, you will definitely speed up the process and discover all that you are!

The most divinely guided work that I receive just drops in. It appears when I am least expecting it, but when I have also done a little bit of ground work to bring it in. This is how the mentorship arrived and in the space of 10 minutes I could see the entire structure laid out before me.

Within this sacred container we will dive deeply into 12 themes all that unlock, activate, clear, lay the foundations and create the version of you that is EMPOWERED.

YOU - THE SACRED VESSEL - the key to discovering all that you are is within you. In your cells, in your bones, in your breath. We will explore and unlock this.

INTENTION & MANIFESTATION - YOU ARE A CREATOR - the energy you weave is created by your thoughts and intentions, what will you create? Are you owning this ability or is it being shaped by the distractions around you?

ALIGNMENT & FREQUENCY - lets explore our OWN frequency and discover its power. Imagine the ripples you send out when you are aligned and in your soveriegnty!

SHADOW & INNER CHILD WORK - The path to wholeness embraces the LIGHT and the DARK, learn how to unite and transmute the experiences that scarred you and turn them into your strengths.

INITIATION, DEATH & REBIRTH - The process, the cycle, the GROWTH. Learn how to fully observe and immerse yourself in every initiation you go through. FULLY understand the meaning of INITIATION and honour the Death & Rebirth process you go through.

DIVINE FEMININE & MASCULINE - The expressions of energies within you that when unified bring you DEEP self EMPOWERMENT. embracing this concept shows you how to recognise your traits in their wounded state as well as in their POWER and how to NURTURE and HARNESS them.

SACRED TOOLS & CEREMONIAL CACAO - we are all one. Each and every living being on this planet has a spirit, a soul, an essence. We are all able to assist one another be it crystal, tree, plant medicine, animal. Learn how EVERYTHING around us and WITHIN us is a tool when used with RESPECT and HONOUR and how this AMPLIFIES your GROWTH. Meet the SPIRIT of CACAO to begin exploring the tools around you.

SOUND & VIBRATION - lets explore OURSELVES deeper. We are energy vibrating and sound can influence us. It unlocks our MULTIDIMENSIONAL SELVES within our CELLS. Lets explore this!

RE-MEMBERING YOUR GIFTS - re-gather the SKILLS & ABILITIES your SOUL has aquirred over all the lifetimes it has experienced. Bring this DEEP KNOWING into your AWARENESS.

CHANNELING - TUNE IN to the amazing ability you hold within to hear and interpret your VESSEL, your SOUL, your LIGHT TEAM, and all beings that offer you guidance or who you work with as a CONDUIT as part of your PURPOSE & service for ALL.

EMBODIMENT & PURPOSE - the journey of your SELF DISCOVERY is the purpose, as you embrace this journey you EMBODY who you ARE and build yourself into HIGHER versions of yourself.

REFLECTION & ARISING - looking back at where you have come from to this p