Raven Medicine

Raven has paid me a visit twice in three days and left me many messages of 111

The message is of stepping into the void, the darkness, the unknown. Doing so filled with knowing that this is a necessary process, one that will show you great magic.

Te Ke-Ir Rei is his name he led me to the Halls of Amenti via a fifth dimensional Egypt where I retrieved something I now know I have long been looking for - a star map. Then he transformed into a tall familiar being that placed his hands on my shoulders whilst the Great Mother and Great Father imbued their energies within my heart.

From here I was taken to a lake in the darkness of the night.

The stillness of the lake showed my reflection. “see how the void shows you your reflection when it is still. Tell the void what you wish for”

I gave my wish aloud

“Now blow your wishes upon the water”

“See the ripples, see that now the void is within you, and you are within the void”

“The answers you seek are already within, face the darkness and you will find them”

Raven Medicine


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