Sacred Space & Ceremony - Ancient Practices Unlocking Our DNA

With my upcoming workshop this Friday I have been spending time sinking in to what sacred space and ceremony mean to me and to us all, to really pay attention to what these practices have assisted me with, how I came to love them and how to share them with others.

This morning whilst sitting in ceremony with the intention of receiving and organsing the content of my workshop I received this beautiful transmission. If ever there was a way to share my feelings of the importance of ceremony & sacred space, this message is it.

Please enjoy...

Sacred space & ceremony are ancient practices, they would have been daily routines for our ancestors when connection with the subtle dimensions were more easily accessible - these practices are the gateways that bring the old ways into the new. We are the vessels that carry the codes and we are now in the phase of unlocking them. They are stored within our DNA, each of us holding our own sacred ways within.

Some of us carrying more Earth magic, some more Ethereal, some carrying the keys to balance of the layers, Each equally important to our collective progression into the new golden paradigm.

The plants, elementals, angels, star family, they see our cells activating, see the ascension of our frequencies and so they connect to us, light the way back home, leave seeds of wisdom for us to find and help us on our way.

Each time we connect using our sacred ways we light up or unlock another cell.

The subtle layers we are connecting to are speaking to us, yet our denser aspect - our physical body cannot yet quickly interpret the codes - the language. Yet our souls dance with joy at the codes pouring in and encourage us to express in ways that carry the codes to all - to our cells individually, which then bring them into the collective awareness - like keys floating around seeking the locks they fit.

Magic is created in these sacred spaces. There is so much more than meets the eye, in fact, it meets all the senses, entices them to open themselves to their capabilities that have lay dormant for generations, timelines.

Now they awaken us, shake us, encourage us to seek within, to open the gateways. To use our vessel for the many more uses that this dense Earth plane limits us to.

Ceremony is the space where the sacred integrates into the normal.

Call it what your heart resonates with, the intention is the same. These spaces which take you outside of time, return you with the wisdom and love to unlock yourselves and share with all.

For me, this message weaved together much of the past 12 months of my journey, where I took a turn from seeing my path headed as a channel for the archangels & the ethereal realms, and found myself immersed in the ways of the shaman - the high priests.

I found myself exploring the sounds and tools that my body holds and is. Exploring the unknown ways of the path with the Earth, of the DNA within me that held messages from my Ancestors.

Today deepened the clarity of my journey of remembering and has allowed me to proudly stand in my medicine, the ethereal ways I can connect and the Earthly ways, for without these I wouldn't of found the depths of my cells, the depths of my medicine.

Today brought the divine union of these sacred ways together within me and around me. Deepened my awareness of my personal powers that dwell within. Made me see that my ancient practices are the keys to connecting with the ethereal realms that dwell outside of time.

Today I finally found the words that do justice to Sacred Space & Ceremony.

Do you create your own Sacred Space? Hold Ceremony for yourself? Are you seeking to unlock the abilities you hold within?

Join me this friday for my Sacred Space & Ceremony workshop where we step into ceremony & outside of time to unlock our personal ancient ways and deepen our remembering & inner knowing.


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