Sound Healing Session - The Three Cauldrons

I wish to begin this blog with a huge wave of love and gratitude to you for being with me. I am honoured and blessed to be able to express my medicine to such receiving and supportive Souls. Thank you.

I've been on quite the journey recently, not knowing where it was headed, pushing so many comfort zones through videoing myself because a stern voice in my head told me to! The journey is no where near over but there has been some cohesion and embodiment coming together of how the journey is creating who I am becoming.

In this video I hope you feel some of the cohesion and enjoy the sound healing that I gift to you.

The three cauldrons present themselves to me often - wether it be through physicality - the gut, heart and brain, or spiritually - the belly of creation, the heart of oneness and unity, the brain of the seer and seeker. As I explain in the video I was gifted a little surprise of receiving the three cauldrons through the crystal singing bowls I had selected unknowingly. I sincerely look forward to exploring where the sounds and frequencies they create take me, and you.

Watch this space too for in person and online sound healing and cacao and sound healing sessions. If you would like to book one of these with me you can do so for now by emailing me

With love,

Gemma xx


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