Staying In Alignment

Frequency. We are all beginning to know the meaning of this word on such a deeper level. to feel the vibrations of each and every interaction, situation and emotion we are tapping in to and not necissarily always positive vibrations! Such as everything on Earth at this time we can use this as a lesson to grow from.

For an example and to allow you to feel into my meaning I will use the 3D, 4D and 5D vibrations.

The 3D we are all witnessing at the moment is the frequency of fear, its purpose is to keep as many as it can in a lower frequency for this is what it needs for its survival.

the 4D we are witnessing is the frequency of chaos. I personally see this as the storm we have to go through to awaken to more clarity.

5D (Unity Frequency) is the frequency of Love. Love being used as an umbrella word here for peace, responsibilty, soveriegnty, authenticity, integrity and so on.

Where we are experiencing all of these frequencies simultaneously it is vital that we state each and every day where we stand in terms of our own frequency, that way, even if we happen to move into fear or chaos momentarily we are not feeding it, we are only witnessing it. Even if we have to move through chaos - our own personal storms whilst we clear what is no longer needed, we do so knowing that it is for our highest good. Staying in alignment gives us the knowing that even chaos can be observed only, that it does not need to take our reigns.

How to stay in Alignment. Here is a slightly tweaked version of my own alignment....

Each and every morning (or a time best for you, but making sure you have not let too much into your day/space already) Begin by focusing yourself within your heart centre. This is your balance point.

Expand your heart centre and feel your own personal vibration.

Connect with the Universe (Great Spirit, Great Father) by sending a cord of light from your heart up through your body or chakra column and into the great beyond to align with the energies, then bring the energies into your heart, and ask them to pause here for a moment whilst you.....

Connect with Mother Earth (Pachamama, Great Mother, Gaia) by sending a cord of light from your heart down through your body or chakra column and deep down into the Earth, to the core crystalline heart of Pachamama to align with her, heart to heart. Bring her energies back up your cord and into your heart.

Feel as this trinty of energies (Your hearts vibration, and the vibrations of the above and below, great mother and father) spiral, dance and blend within your heart space. You may feel as though a bubble needs to burst as they expand to fill your entire body and fields, allow the burst and waves to flow over and through you, then feel the stillness that comes over you as you have opened your heart portal to the unity and oneness energy.

You notice that you are now standing within a portal, sense its shape, vastness, safety.

(Mine is a pyramid so I will refer here on to a pyramid)

This is your pyramid of Soveriegnty. Your personal space where you are whole, soverign and respected. You can spend a few moments here strengthening your portal with the I am.

I am love

I am strength

I am wayshower

I am messenger

I am abundance etc...

Feel as your portal glows and vibrates brighter and stronger.

You can call in your team, guides, star family, soul family all light beings. State to them that you stand as a being to work for the highest good and the highest good of all and that you are ready to be of service.

Place a shield around your portal

(mine is a platinum orb that was gifted to me)

Feel your shield as it places itself around your portal, and state:

Within this shield I am invisible to all lower frequencies, only those that serve for the highest good, and the highest good of all may enter. This is true across all dimensions, timelines and planes.

Any that do try to penetrate my shield that are not invited will be transmuted to the frequency of unity and returned to their orign as love and remembering.

This shield and statement are your personal protection. Protection that comes from within and does not require you to seek it outside of you. You can also add your own or call to your usual helpers to add to this.

You are supported and respected. You stand in your highest frequency.

Slowly your portal begins to get smaller and you sense it drawing in to your heart centre, your shiled stays on the outside of your energy fields as your portal places itself within your heart centre. You are instantly filled with a knowing that you can expand your portal whenever you need it and you are comforted by knowing that this space is always within you.

Bring your alignment to an end by adding any of your own practices that feel right then slowly bring yourself back to your room or space.

You can adapt this to your own practices or you may very well be doing a similar practice every day.

By drawing in the above and below into your heart you are given the key to your heart portal. You step into the unity frequency. Here you feel balance and harmony. Here you are brought into balance which allows you to become the observer. As the observer you are less effected by the world around you. You respond instead of react.

If this resonates with you and you try the alignment I'd love to hear how you got on. You can comment below and share your experiences.

With love,

Gemma x


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