The Alta Major Chakra and it’s vital role in ascension

Located at the back of the head where the neck meets the skull, the Alta major chakra plays a very important role in our ascension and in the integration of our energy and physical bodies.

The Alta major governs the nervous system; the cerebellum, the medulla, the spinal cord, the vagus nerve and everything in between.

This chakra can highlight your level of nervous tension and can easily assist you in recalibrating your energy.

When your Alta major chakra needs some love and attention it will show its imbalance through neck and shoulder pain, pressure around the head, neck and eyes, lack of mental clarity, you may feel anxious or even feel as though your emotions are out of rhythm.

The Alta major has its own energy field and although it isn’t yet known as a major chakra it is very important to our balance and flow of energy due to its task of transmitting energy into the physical body via the nervous system.

What is our energy body?

Our energy body or etheric body is our transmitter and receiver of energies, it envelopes the physical body as well as interpenetrating it. It can be seen like a network of light, with threads travelling in all directions creating a meticulous grid. Where the threads meet and cross are the nadis; points of energy made by the meetings of the threads which allow us to ‘read’ or sense how our energybody is. There are major and minor nadis depending on how many threads cross. The major nadis are known to us as the 7 physical chakras these give the best information as to the health of our chakras as well as the surrounding areas of the body.

We then have the minor nadis or energy points which are all over our body. For example we have a liver minor energy point, a stomach minor, there are points behind the knees which help us with courage, minor points that sit on our adrenal glands that help us to dispel fear and many more. The body has a very intricate and advanced system of energy points that can be used together in different combinations to balance and realign our energy and entire being. The minor nadis relay information to the major chakras much like how the nervous system works.

The Alta major is a minor chakra but with the importance and role of a major chakra. It even has its related gland known as the carotid gland which is only in the etheric at this point in time. More on this and it’s role later.

If you were to take a picture of the nervous system and put it next to a picture of the nadis and energy body then you would see that one overlays the other almost identically. The energy body gains access to the physical body through the nervous system and works as a feedback system to the chakras just as the nervous system works as a feedback system from the body to the brain.

What role does the Alta major play?

The Alta major allows us to sense the health of the nervous system and its responses, the health of the mental body and its responses, intake and outflow of energy, where energy blockages may be, and to highlight when we may be in need of recalibrating our energy body to suit the frequencies surrounding us.

By keeping the Alta major in mind and sensing the nervous system a trained healer is able to discover what is out of balance.

The roles of the chakras

Each chakra governs an area of the body and will do so physically as well as etherically, for example the third eye governs our senses; you can use the third eye to balance the sinuses, ears, mouth and eyes physically and our third eye is intricately linked to our spiritual senses too, clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

The Alta major governs the nervous system and is especially useful for the vagus nerve, this one nerve plays a vital and unique role within our body as it is the only nerve that sends messages to and from the brain and body. Other nerves do one or the other. Coincidentally the vagus nerve runs from the back of the brain near the cerebellum down the sides of the neck and joins again at the front just above the heart. Energetically the Alta major helps us with seeing a bigger perspective and this is due to the connection between the heart and the brain. This is a very important feedback system that works in the physical with the vagus nerve and etherically with the heart and the Alta major centres. The heart is the space we can become the observer and learn to be indifferent to emotions and thoughts allowing us to work from a responsive state instead of a reactive one. The Alta major relays this to the brain via the nervous system allowing us to become balanced leading us to see life with a broader perspective.

How can the Alta major help us during ascension?

With the fifth dimensional energies gloriously coming in thick and fast our body is sometimes unable to keep up with the influx of higher frequencies which is resulting is us feeling achy, tired and exhausted, run down, emotional, and experiencing many other ascension symptoms. Our body needs an adjustment period from the energies that it isn’t getting but with awareness of the Alta major we are able to sense the energy coming in and assist our physical body in adjusting to the energies more easily.

Any major chakra needs a gland to help distribute the energies into the physical body, the glands work as a filter system. The Alta major has the carotid gland. As yet the carotid gland is only in the etheric and works to fine tune the energy into the physical body from there, almost like a calming mechanism so the energy enters the physical body in a receivable manner.

Deepening the connection.

The human being is a remarkable biological machine which has the ability to learn and adapt to things quickly when given the right accompanying information, this is the case when it comes to working with your chakras and energy body. By absorbing this information about the Alta major your being is subliminally bringing attention to your nervous system, incoming energies, and the Alta major chakra, so with a little more attention it is possible for you to tune in to the energy of your Alta major and sense how it is.

Here is some information and an exercise you can practice to bring awareness to your Alta major chakra and in time allow it to balance and integrate the energies in a smooth way that will help minimise your ascension symptoms;

The Alta major is located at the point where your head (occipital) meets your neck. You can feel this point with your fingers, there is a slight indent. The actual chakra is approx 10cm behind your head from this point in the etheric body, place your hand on this point and slowly move it away and sense the energy.

When balanced the flow of energy runs from the back to the front of the head. Through the brain passing both the pineal and the pituitary glands. The exit point is at the centre of the forehead at the hairline.

It’s easier to sense this chakra and it’s flow if you visualise a version of yourself sitting in front of you like another person. You can then raise your (real) hands either side of the visualised version of you at the chakra (at the occipital) and the other at your hairline at the front. Bring your hands out to be about 10-20cm from the visualisation version of you so you can sense the flow of energy within the energy field.

Bring your awareness to your Alta major chakra and ask to sense it’s flow of energy. Trust that this will happen.

You may feel:

A flow of energy from the back of the head to the front - this signals a good and healthy chakra.

Your hands may begin to vibrate or shake - this indicates a blockage.

You may feel a full sensation as if there is no flow - this also indicates a blockage.

You may sense a strong and fast flow - this indicates an imbalance.

You may feel a two-ing and frow-ing of energy as if a ball is bouncing between your hands - this indicates an imbalance.

You may find your hands being pushed outwards - this indicates tension that needs to be released.

Once you have a feel of the energy flow use your breath to assist the energy to balance.

If a release of blocked energy, an imbalance, or a release of tension is needed, breathe in and slowly bring your hands wider, hold them here whilst you breathe out, check the energy and repeat this until you feel the flow change and become balanced. silently let your being know that the breath is allowing balance to restore.

Your hands may be automatically drawn back inwards towards the start points, this indicates the flow is harmonising. Once there is balance, hold the flow for a few moments and allow your whole being to sense it.

Visualise each and every nadi and nerve cell coming into balance with this harmony of flow.

Then bring both of your hands to the Alta major, (you may need to spin your visualised you round so they are in front of you) then keeping a connection with the Alta major through thought bring your hands wider to sense the Alta majors own energy field, you will find that this field is in the shape of wings. How wide and far do they span?

When the time feels right allow your wings to shrink again and release the chakra. Take a moment to see how you feel.

You can do this as much as you need to, preferably in a quiet place when you are relaxed to assist you in sensing the energies.

I hope that this information and exercise are useful to you and I would absolutely love to hear from you if you have tried this exercise. You can send me a message here...

I also run regular group healing sessions which often include work with the Alta Major you can find out more here...


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