The New Moon & Total Solar Eclipse are Presenting us with an Invitation to Reset

I don’t know about you but the partial eclipse of the full moon Hit. Me. Hard. My body ached, my mind was exhausted, my entire being felt foreign. I had sleepless nights and a horrible sore throat. Yet there was an undercurrent of knowing, a knowing that felt like great change will come, another shedding was taking place, another opportunity to release all that does not serve and make way for the new.

The knowing was supported by the visions I was receiving all of them woven with golden light in the form of stardust, or threads, or golden seeds being placed within my chakras by benevolent beings that looked like praying mantises.

Now as we approach the new moon and solar eclipse the visions are becoming clearer and the energies this event offers us are becoming very clear. It’s no coincidence either that the weekend between these two eclipse events I took part in a golden consciousness activation led by an amazing Star Sister

I have been re-evaluating everything within my life; how I am of service, how I wish to teach my daughter, how I wish to be seen, the foods that I choose to eat.

I have been encouraged by these energies to strip everything back to basics, to no longer take the simple joys for granted, to see every moment as the magic that it is.

Along side all of this I have also noticed loose ends being tied from my past, or the need to clear out the old; to empty and delete old email accounts, clear old clothes and items no longer used around the house, I was even reminded of an online bank account I had opened and forgotten to use that had a small balance, and old friends reappearing bringing closure to old times.

This morning as I awoke all of the pieces slotted into place within my visions; we are being invited into the golden era, those of us that have remembered enough to feel the golden threads weaving into our Earth lives are being invited to reset with this solar eclipse to bring the golden threads into each and every moment and begin weaving them out into the world assisting the ongoing awakening and remembering.

We’ve laid enough of our illusion filled selves to rest and made way for our higher selves to integrate, to live within us consciously, one step closer to wholeness.

I invite you to evaluate your life in this moment and to see what is calling to you, are there chapters of your life book that need to come to an end? Are there signs around you telling you to end certain situations or relationships?

The energies are inviting you to do this, asking you to trust the stripping bare that is preparing for you for a reset, this is the key to stepping over the next golden threshold.

Take a moment before or with this coming new moon and total solar eclipse to re-evaluate, to see what you can shed and how you wish to emerge anew.

Go into your heart and trust the guidance you receive to do this for it is already within and is awaiting you.

We are the micro to the macrocosm - if we are seeing the subtle guidance of resetting there will most definitely be a resetting on a macro level and the coming new moon and solar eclipse are the gateway.