What is an Altar?

Today I was guided to share this Altar and express the deep meaning of an Altar. This is the kind of posts I share on social media but today my guides insisted that I share it as a blog too. Perhaps because once the Altar had been created and I journeyed within accompanied by the energies present I channeled the most beautiful message from Anubis. This channeling will follow shortly.

What is an altar?

An Altar is a focal point, a centre piece. It is a meeting place of all the energies gathered within your sacred space.

There is creativity in laying an Altar. Creativity is a way your Soul Expresses itself.

As you set the focal point, the meeting place, all beings and energies that are gathering to work with you begin to take their place upon it.

Today is a perfect example; As I tuned in to my space and what needs to come up for me today I felt the lower, middle and upper worlds present themselves.

I called them in and entered my centred mind state and found that the middle world was flowing, asking to be represented by the animal kingdom - the bones, the mineral kingdom - the crystals and the plant kingdom - the leaves of the rose, Inviting me into the energies of nature, offering me calm and solace .

Next my guardian and eternal mentor appeared - Anubis, showing me the lower word - or inner world was calling, it was time to surrender and go within.

Then the energies of the upper world came through, carried on the cards of the Lemuria starchild Oracle.

The feathers called to represent the higher realms that dwell in the upper world, a gentle yet powerful message from the Archangels & the Phoenix.

The Altar. A powerful portal, an opening and a meeting point. And a physicalisation and anchor of all that you are creating and remembering.

Love & Gratitude 💫✨🌟


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