Sound & Light Transmission for Activating Creativity, Love & Your Unique Gifts

Channeled message that came through after this transmission:

Unlock your gifts, find them within.

Use your tools - listen, sing, open, trust, be free, be receptive.

Accept who you are and what you bring.

Accept your gifts, for if you cannot, how can you expect others to?

You hold the key, we gave you the key, it is up to you to unlock the gifts the key fits.

Then, the domino effect takes place.

One leads to another -

One gift to another gift.

One soul to another Soul.

One stands in the light of their gifts, others follow.


Ripple out.

Shine out as the Beacon you are.

Sound carries vibration, sound calls vibration.

You are a tool of sound and vibration.

Explore your tools.


Enter the vibration through the sounds.

Enter their frequency, feel them.

Bring them into the meeting place and once here, spiral and dance with them.

Allow their message to travel through you.

Allow yourself to feel all that is possible.

Feel, The All.

Feel how it speaks through you, show how it speaks through you, receive the light codes within.

The message is carried on the light codes and will touch all souls.

Creativity. Love. Unlocking Gifts.

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