Cacao - My Journey So Far

This blog will be the first of a series I feel guided to write in homage to the beautiful plant medicine that is Cacao. Sacred Chocolate Medicine!

Cacao made her way into my life when I was deep in an early initiation. My external environment was being broken down around me awakening my spiritual awareness to what it is now. At that time I was moving through the initiation rather blindly to many things.

I had gone through my healing training during this time too and had accepted the path ahead of me on a soul level, this I was also integrating.

This instigated some deep layers of sacral healing - so deep and necessary that we were forced to move home and ended up buying a house that was next door to people who had had a relationship with my family member that was part of the root cause of my sacral dis-harmony. This is when I felt the call of Cacao. My diet had changed drastically and quite quickly and I was guided towards beautiful beings that shared the same interests as me. Some who still play a huge role as guides even to this day.

When I first met mama cacao our relationship was intense. Firstly she showed me the amount of emotion I was storing within my being.

Then as a loving and supportive cathartic friend she showed me how to purge.

This release was heavenly and provided me a much needed respite spell. I put much of what I had learned during my initiation into practice and grew tremendously on all levels.

This was our relationship for some time, she would show me what needed clearing and lovingly guide me through it.

Then there was a phase of disconnection from her medicine. This I feel was necessary and intentional on her part as she needed to know I was capable of the healing on my own and hadn’t become dependent on her.

When we reconnected she showed me how much I had grown.

Another initiation is now upon me. One that I feel she is overseeing. She has led me to meet more likeminded souls and a very special sister who has taught me so much more about cacao and her medicine ways, heritage and how to uniquely express myself. I am truly grateful to mama cacao for leading me to this forever friend and sister.

Most recently through this initiation mama cacao has told me that it is time for me to blend my unique medicine with her medicine and to express our synergy through my vessel and being.

As this process evolves, so too will my expression of her magical medicine. I will continue to connect with her personally and I am honoured to take on the role of vessel of cacao expression.

There is no greater time for this beautiful plant being to grace us, she is a spirit of nature and harmony and comes to her human children when they have lost their way from their connection to their plant and earth family.

If you are feeling the call of mama cacao there is still time to join myself and Starlight Ascension in our online Goddess Isis Healing Cacao Ceremony This Friday evening 18th March (Join with or without cacao)

Or if you are local to Hayling Island I am holding a Self Love and Expansion Cacao Ceremony on Friday 25th March

You can book both events here....


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